Hastings seafront guest house
28 comfortable bedrooms
A warm welcome awaits you
Tastefully refurbished rooms
Stunning seaside views
Plenty of local attractions

Access Statement

We aim to, and confidently ensure, that all our guests have comfortable facilities, all requests are dealt with efficiently and all guests are made to feel welcome throughout their stay.

  • For assistance prior to arrival please contact reservations on 01424 429 605.
  • The town bus/ train station is an easy 5 minutes walk from the hotel.
  • The centre of town is an easy 2-minutes walk from our door step. The Hastings old town is 10-15- minutes walk from our door step.
  • There is is a pay and display on street parking outside the main reception entry which can be used as a drop off point.
  • There is an underground car park 20 metres from the hotel reception.
  • There are two entrances to the Guest House. There are 7 steps leading to the main reception and 5 steps to the second entry.
  • Once through the front doors the reception area is level with access to the bar, restaurant.
  • Restaurant & Bar/Lounge areas are on the ground floor  There are no steps.
  • On check in staff will brief you on our evacuation policy on request.
  • Assistance is provided wherever possible with parking and luggage.
  • There are lounge areas on the ground floor and waiter service is available.
  • All corridors and public areas are well lit.
  • Of the ground floor public toilet, is not suitable for wheelchairs.
  • There are 2 rooms available on the ground floor (R1 and R2).
  • There are telephones in all rooms, and room service is available 24 hours.
  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel and in all the bedrooms.
  • There is a lift located in the right wing of the Guest House which can take guests to the following rooms: R3 - R8 and R16- R29.
  • All rooms are non-smoking in compliance with current legislation
  • Service dogs (only) are allowed in our establishment.
  • If you require any assistance during your stay please contact reception (please dial 0)
  • All housekeeping staff have been trained and are aware of procedures to aid privacy in bedrooms.

Although we have tried to be as accurate and include as much detail as we can in our Access Statement, we are always willing to give information on any aspect of the our establishment if this statement does not answer your particular query.

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